Introduction To Information Management


CIKM Publications




Exploiting untapped sources of knowledge to improve CRM success: A Social Networks Analysis



Identification and Emergence of communities of practise: A Social Network Analysis Study



A Framework for analysing informal knowledge transfers in economic relationships in applying social network analysis



To control or not to control: Exploring the dynamics of control in knowledge work



Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation



Enterprise Resource Planning Systems



An Exploratory Study of Technology based Training Process Development



IS/IT Plan for Teagasc confidential



An enquiry into the strategy for Implementation and Adoption of Information Technology



Computer Aided Design Support for Organizational Learning in Analog Devices confidential



The Impact of Organization on IT System Implementation



The Impact of the Information Society in the Shannon Region



The case for Business Process Re-Engineering in Local Government



O.D. To effect Strategic Change in the Implementation & Application of IT



The Strategic Impact of Open Systems on the computer industry





Isworld Net

ISWorld Nets Mission is to provide information of universal interest to all IS researchers. The Country-Pages segment is a special department of ISWorld which provides supplementary materials of specific interest to IS academics in particular countries, geographical regions or lingual groups.

Information Society Commission

The Information Society Commission is an advisory body to Government. Its main function is to shape a public policy framework for the evolving Information Society in Ireland.

SIMS, School of Information Management & Systems

Major areas of study include information organization and retrieval, human-computer interaction and usability, design and implementation of information systems, and information policy and management. SIMS is based at the University of California.

Management Information Systems Research Center

Established in 1968, the University of Minnesota Management Information Systems Research Center promotes research in MIS topics by bridging the gap between the corporate and academic MIS worlds through the events in the MISRC Associates Program.

Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge University

Information Systems Research is concerned with the development, use and management of computer-based information systems (IS), and the relationship of such systems to continuity and change in organisations and society. The empirical basis for the research normally involves in-depth case studies or action research projects, and these have been carried out in a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental organisations.

Enterprise Systems Research Group, University of Melbourne

Members of the Enterprise Systems research group are interested in the adoption, implementation and use of enterprise systems within organizations. Our focus is on understanding the business impact of these systems and explaining how and why benefits and problems occur.

Information Systems Working Papers

This page contains links to pages where Working Papers in Information Systems may be found.

Judge Institute of Management, Working Papers

These working papers are produced by the Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge. Most of the working papers from 2001 onwards are available downloadable PDF format.

MIS Quarterly

The topics of all articles in all departments of MIS Quarterly relate to the journals editorial objective, which is the development and communication of knowledge concerning both the management of information technology and the use of information technology for managerial and organizational purposes.

Communications of the ACM

Communications of the ACM is the flagship publication of the ACM and one of the oft-cited magazines in the computing field. ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology.

International Journal of Information Management

The competitiveness and prosperity of companies increasingly depend on the design and effective use of sophisticated, complex, and costly information systems. It is therefore essential that everyone concerned with information management has the opportunity to learn from the experience of others. IJIM is specifically designed to fulfil this role for senior managers charged with the responsibility of designing and managing complex information systems.

Information Systems Research

Information Systems Research is a journal of INFORMS, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. Information Systems Research is a leading international journal of theory, research, and intellectual development, focused on information systems in organizations, institutions, the economy, and society.

Journal of Management Information Systems

The journal is a widely recognized forum for the presentation of research that advances the practice and understanding of organizational information systems. It serves those investigating new modes of information delivery and the changing landscape of information policy making, as well as practitioners and executives managing the information resource.

Information Strategy: The Executives Journal

Articles and commentary of particular interest to the senior executive who makes strategic business decisions, manages information systems departments and designs and directs computer applications that influence and determine business performance.

Managing Information Magazine

Monthly publication aimed at people who need to manage information in their day job.

FT Publications

The FT Publication “Mastering Information Management” is a good foundation title. It covers the management issues surrounding information (its processing, storage, retrieval and exploitation) and how to manage IT.

John Wiley, Publisher

Wileys have a wide selection of Business Technology titles. Including Geoff Walshams “Making a World of Difference: IT in a Global Context”. The book explores the social aspects of computerization, using a wide range of detailed case studies, analysed from a variety of conceptual viewpoints.