The AIB Centre for Information & Knowledge Management was established to study the implications for business of information and knowledge as a strategic resource. The Centre is located in Schuman building in the University of Limerick. We believe that companies and organizations that learn how to use these resources to their advantage will meet the challenges of the emerging digital economy. Our research focus is influenced by a desire to gain a deeper understanding of competitive information ecology.

Upcoming Talks

"A Theory of Tailorable Technology Design"
Prof: Matt Germonprez University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Thur 13th March, 10:00-11:00pm, Schuman Building Room S120

Tailorable technologies are a class of information systems designed with the intention that users modify and redesign the technology in the context of use. Tailorable technologies support user goals, intentions, metaphor, and use patterns in the selection and integration of technology functions in the creation of new and unique information systems. We propose a theory of tailorable technology design and identify principles necessary for the initial design. Following a Kantian style of inquiry, we identified four definitional characteristics of tailorable technology: a dual design perspective, user engagement, recognizable environments, and component architectures. From these characteristics, we propose nine design principles that will support the phenomenon of tailoring. Through a year-long case study, we refined and evidenced the principles, finding found that designers of tailorable technologies build environments in which users can both interact and engage with the technology, supporting the proposed design principles. The findings highlight a distinction between a reflective environment, where users recognize and imagine uses for the technology, and an active environment in which users tailor the technology in accordance with the imagined uses. This research contributes to the clarification of the role of theory in design science, expands the concept of "possibilities for action" to IS design, and proposes a design theory of a class of information systems for testing and refinement.

"Glocalization (or Glocalisation) in Electronic Commerce"
Invited speaker: Prof: Bruce Lo University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Thur 13th March, 11:15-12:15pm, Schuman Building Room S120

In its most simplistic form, the term glocalization is often referred to the creation of products or services, by businesses, intended for the global market, but customized to suit the local culture and regional norms. However, in a deeper level, it means the co-presence of both universalizing and particularizing tendencies. In international e-business and e-marketing, both the forces of localization and the forces of globalization are at work to create, rather paradoxically, a more homogeneous and at the same time, also a more heterogeneous cyberspace. This research examines the top 100 e-commerce websites in a sample of nine countries of diverse cultures and at different stages of national development, to determine to what extent these two opposing forces are at work that may influence the consumers' preference in ranking e-commerce websites in these countries.

Contact: Dr Fergal Mc Grath for RSVP or additional details: or Phone 0868187555 .


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